Salon Skid Row, 7/12, photo © Justyn Hegreberg

Julia Clare Tillinghast is from Michigan. She studied poetry at Sarah Lawrence College and Virginia Tech, where she received her MFA. She has spent a number of years, on and off, living in Istanbul, Turkey, and is Co-Translator, with Richard Tillinghast, of Dirty August, a Selected Poems of the experimental 20th-century Turkish poet Edip Cansever. In addition to translations in Agni, Guernica, Arts & Letters, The Boston Review & others, she has her own poems in Fence Magazine, Salt Hill, Public Pool, H_NGM_N, Toad, The Leveler, Pleiades, Tin House, Rattle, 3:AM Magazine, Passages North, Sou'Wester, Pank, and The Bakery. She was a featured poet in Poetry Press Week's 2014 Spring/Summer Season. Her first chapbook, Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth, is out from Snoot Books. Julia is also a contributing editor for Gramma Press

Julia has been a dedicated teacher of English as a second language, creative writing, and academic writing to adults since 2004. Her other interests include gender, race, whiteness, identity, history, Islam and comparative religions, especially Sufism and other mystical traditions, yoga, and spiritual practice. She currently lives in Portland, Oregon with her partner Matthew, and her two sons, Hamza and Owen.

À Reading, 5/2015, photo © Liz Mehl

Salon Skid Row, 9/2014

À Reading, Portland, 6/2016, photo © Robert Duncan Gray

Poetry Press Week, 11/2013

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